10 Crazy Ways Animals Give Birth

Animals, Trend | July 11, 2022 3:58 AM

I love that they used hedgehogs for the porcupines they are completely different types of animals. When he said that sea horses could birth 2000 babies to leave them to fend for themselves, I was like, That’s what you DO when you birth 2000 babies at once!. One of the best things about dude is […]

Incredible! wild dogs hunt Klipspringers

Animals | February 28, 2022 2:54 PM | Hang Bona

Never ever seen what fantastic footage. Wild dogs are so dangerous even though unable to attach to antelope, Super. I never knew animals had this level of intelligence! This is incredible!. Wow! Helplessly trapped, facing such a dangerous situation amazing to see them so calm with such patience. Of course, they had no other option, […]

Jaguar Drowns Crocodile in Brazil

Crocodile, Related Post | | Hang Bona

When jaguars and caiman come together, there is usually only 1 winner, but that doesn’t mean that the caiman will give it up easily. This battle took place in the Pantanal, in Brazil, and this caiman was a fighter! The jaguar, exhausted after the struggle underwater, came up with a better plan: just pin the […]

Wild dogs hunt antelope on the edge of a cliff

Animals | February 27, 2022 11:56 AM | Hang Bona

This is the moment wild dogs try to hunt down klipspringers that are cornered on the edge of a cliff. Will these antelopes, and their hooves, keep their cool?. “Incredible patience!” There’s a life lesson here, Sometimes you don’t have to “Fight or Flight”, Just be patient and the storm will soon pass!. Imagine knowing […]

15 ruthless hunts for wild animals

Animals | | Hang Bona

Predators are always on the hunt, looking for food. Prey is always on the alert, trying to survive. Have you ever seen an ocelot hunting? How about a centipede? If you like to watch spectacular hunts, you are in the right place as we count down 15 ruthless hunts for wild animals. Jaguars are larger […]

If it was not filmed no one would believe

Snake | | Hang Bona

I am a truck driver on the road to vera MT I already had the pleasure of seeing a 9-meter one because of the way it was fed after it took a while to cross the road I had the truck stopped waiting for it to cross the road. My ex-boyfriend has relatives in Mato […]

When Sucuri attacks cattle

Snake | February 25, 2022 10:38 AM | Hang Bona

Well said at the end about the anaconda fearing the man more than the other way around. In fact, all animals have this same reason, The problem my friend, now it’s a boa constrictor that appeared, after a while, an anaconda appears hungry after one comes, others start to appear, by faro. Hopefully not, but […]

Zebra trying to give birth – Watch what happens next in nature

Related Post, Zebra | February 14, 2022 1:30 PM | Hang Bona

Nature gives and nature takes. Nature can be wonderful but sometimes also cruel. But, Mother Nature knows how to keep its balance in the wild of Africa without interferences by us, the human. When mother nature takes she gives to all types of animals as featured in this film. Lion, Hyena, Jackal, and vultures are […]

Amazing lion ambushes zebra

Lion | | Hang Bona

What trips me out about videos being like this is the vehicles and cameramen. Those that just have to get out of the vehicle to get a closer look or better shot, Then BAM you’re locked out of the vehicle surrounded by lions. Damn that snapshot of that lioness when she grabbed onto the zebras […]

Ahiraj’s couples were rescued from the well in this condition, The hunters of Sapo

Snake | | Hang Bona

The Banded krait is a large highly venomous snake found on the Indian Subcontinent and in Southeast Asia. This snake is easily identified by its alternate black and yellow crossbands, its triangular body cross-section, and the marked vertebral ridge consisting of enlarged vertebral shields along its body. The head is broad and depressed. The eyes […]

Moments when big cats face the python

Tiger | | Hang Bona

It’s truly amazing how powerful the Jaguar is, Climbing up the tree with the Python in its mouth!. You know I saw the full clip of the tiger vs python battle right? The tiger escaped and they both went their separate way!. If you look into it, The tiger lived, It also had its claws […]




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