Crocodile Fights and Eats Crocodile

Crocodile | March 23, 2023 11:09 AM | Hang Bona

Guests at Sunset Dam in Kruger National Park were in for a treat as they watched a large Nile crocodile attack and eat a smaller crocodile. Marce Jacobs and Stephen Kangisser had front-row seats to the action and shared it all with Nile crocodiles are one of the largest crocodile species in the world, […]

The Most Amazing And Skillful Hunting Moments Of Predators

Crocodile | September 12, 2022 4:26 AM | Hang Bona

Many predators have developed amazing skills that allow them to capture larger prey. Have you ever seen a jaguar take out a caiman? What about a cobra eating a python? If you want to see some unexpected hunting moments, keep watching as we look at the most amazing and skilful hunting moments of predators. What […]

Jaguar Drowns Crocodile in Brazil

Crocodile, Related Post | February 28, 2022 6:42 AM | Hang Bona

When jaguars and caiman come together, there is usually only 1 winner, but that doesn’t mean that the caiman will give it up easily. This battle took place in the Pantanal, in Brazil, and this caiman was a fighter! The jaguar, exhausted after the struggle underwater, came up with a better plan: just pin the […]

Jaguar kills massive crocodile – The sighting that kept on giving

Crocodile | February 11, 2022 10:01 AM | Hang Bona

Usually!, a good sighting on safari lasts only a few seconds, but then there is that one in a hundred good sightings which just keeps going. This was that sighting. The female jaguar managed to catch and kill a huge caiman, which is cool enough, but then she tried to drag it up the bank […]

Crocodile feeding at Langkawi crocodile farm

Crocodile | | Hang Bona

The feeding show at the Bridge Pond happens twice a day at around 11.00 am and 2.45 pm. The trained personnel of the crocodile farm will be going into the pond with a bucket of fish in his hand. Blowing his whistle, all the huge crocodiles will move in his direction, waiting to be fed. […]

Alligators take over nuclear weapons plant

Crocodile | February 9, 2022 4:23 AM | Hang Bona

What happens when alligators take over an old nuclear weapons plant?. In the shadows of a former cold war, Nuclear weapons plant lives a congregation of alligators. Alligator Ecotoxicologist, Laura Kojima, Monitors how mercury levels affect the alligator’s behavior and survival. I liked this more than the other documentary stuff, Just to hear about what […]

Incredible moment Crocodile and a Burmese python were photographed during an intense battle

Crocodile | January 16, 2022 3:23 PM | Hang Bona

The python wrapped itself around the alligator’s neck to suffocate it while the alligator chomped on the snake. This is the incredible moment a python wraps itself around the neck of an alligator in a brutal deathmatch on the banks of the Florida Everglades. The Burmese python was photographed trying to constrict the angry beast, […]

Photographer narrowly escapes crocodile attack

Crocodile | | Hang Bona

Whoever threw that piece of bread or whatever it was JUST before saved his life, The noise from the splash made him turn and see the croc. If it was never thrown, he would be dead. The croc on the bottom right was totally down for that guy, He had skills and tricks up his […]

In Australia, A python swallows a crocodile whole

Crocodile | January 13, 2022 3:00 PM | Hang Bona

Meanwhile, the everlasting war between snake and crocodile rages on in Australia. An olive python (Liasis Olivaceus) devours an Australian freshwater crocodile in these incredible photographs (Crocodylus Johnstoni). After being posted on social media, the images were an instant hit, They’re courtesy of GG Wildlife Rescue Inc, an Australian non-profit that posted them on Facebook […]

7 Incredible Moments Of Animals Escaping Crocodile’s Attack

Crocodile | | Hang Bona

Seeing animals with this type of will to live makes me embarrassed over people I know that can’t seem to get out of bed before Noon most mornings. What the croc doesn’t get, The land predators will, by the looks of some of them after that, maybe the croc would be a quicker option. This […]




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