The 10 most angry animals are lion alligator hippopotamus and buffalo

Buffalo | September 5, 2022 6:26 AM | Hang Bona

It’s a very good report, thank God in my Dominican Republic we don’t have dangerous animals or dangerous snakes, we take care of humans. Friend, a crocodile is very different from an alligator, jaguars hunt alligators, which are featherweights compared to crocodiles. Calling an alligator a crocodile is the same as calling a domestic cat […]

Lions hunting a buffalo in Serengeti NP, Tanzania

Buffalo | June 6, 2022 1:01 AM | Hang Bona

What a pity it is to see how beautiful our nature is, unfortunate the presence of the vehicles that if they were not present this video would not be filmed and that mother could perhaps have defended her son more. How awful that all the cars were right there and interfered! The calf might have […]

Buffalo gets saved by rangers and attack vehicles!

Buffalo | June 5, 2022 12:57 PM | Hang Bona

Wow! Tons of praises go out to those Rangers, My heart is filled with love for you and the animals – thank you, kind sirs! God bless you all!. What an effort massive and immeasurably humane. God bless everyone involved in the rescue operation. I love how the other buffaloes are waiting patiently for their […]

Horror angry mother buffalo killed lion to save her calf

Buffalo | January 26, 2022 4:12 AM | Hang Bona

Love to see the buffaloes kick the nasty lions’ butts, If the buffaloes work together, Watch out for each other the lions will not be able to harm them, Adult buffaloes are stronger and more vicious than lions if they want to be, Yet they run from predators If only buffaloes organize and stand their […]

Buffalo launches predator into the air

Buffalo | January 19, 2022 6:04 AM | Hang Bona

I like to see that Buffaloes have got the brainpower to realize they can protect their own species by being in gangs. Just like lions know by being in gangs they can bring down buffalo,I like it when a buffalo helps a fellow buffalo even if they aren’t related or know each other. I love […]

Albino cobra vs buffalo cobra

Buffalo | November 5, 2021 2:48 AM | Hang Bona

The albino was just more subtle than the one before, I am wondering if the albino was someone’s pet that was let go? Then again, the albino may have survived due to the fact that there are no natural predators in that region, Albinos stick out like a sore thumb and would have been a […]

3 Lions Corner Buffalo With Broken Leg

Buffalo | August 26, 2021 3:56 PM | Hang Bona

Despite their reputation as the king of the jungle, lions have a very poor hunting success rate, especially during the day. Catching prey is normally difficult, and the research backs this up, with a median success rate of 17-19 percent in daylight. However, lions do get a break every now and again, In this spectacular […]

Buffalo Calf Escapes Leopard Only To Run Into Lion

Buffalo | August 24, 2021 11:42 PM | Hang Bona

After eluding the leopard, a buffalo calf runs into a lion. Amazing footage shows a mother buffalo protecting her baby from a leopard, only to be confronted by a large, hungry male lion moments later!. Matthew Steyn captured the unexpected sequence of events on film in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. “After a while, the […]

Sleeping Buffaloes Don’t Realize the River Is Flooding Around Them

Buffalo | August 22, 2021 10:19 AM | Hang Bona

Two buffaloes found themselves surrounded by rising water when a flood broke out in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The two buffaloes had been sleeping, only to have a rude awakening from the flood. Watch the video below to see how other animals in the Kruger National Park fared during the flood. I like how […]

A buffalo is kicked in the head by an elephant

Buffalo | August 20, 2021 7:44 AM | Hang Bona

A buffalo is kicked in the head by an elephant. At Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, an incredible encounter between a juvenile elephant and a buffalo was captured on video. In this uncommon (but terribly grainy) footage, see how the elephant calmly strikes the buffalo in the head. Although there was no carnage in this […]




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