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Someone called the cops on Salt Bae’s gold steak

Salt Bae is a ridiculous human being, He’s an even more ridiculous cook.

So much so, that the police were called to the Miami branch of Nusr-Et over a US$5,000 bill for dinner that included not one, but two 24 karat gold steaks.

The steak – a Golden Tomahawk – is a bone-in wagyu ribeye encrusted in 24 karat gold leaf, Keep in mind, gold leaf is totally tasteless and textureless, it just costs a lot and looks pretty.

Without the gold leaf, the Tomahawk costs a cool US$275, With the gold? That’s US$1,000, And you might even get served one without ordering it, as the diner in question found out.

A week ago, diner Duane Miranda visited Nusr-Et with friends and ordered a few big steaks.

When they arrived covered in gold, they thought little of it (see above, the bit about Salt Bae being over the top), That was until a bill for US$5,012,28 arrived.

The diners protested as they had not ordered the golden meats, and so the staff called the police.

“I think they’re out to victimize their customers,” Miranda told the Miami Herald, “It’s a bait-and-switch”.

According to the newspaper, Nusr-Et has called the police at least a dozen times – that’s almost once every two months – since it opened in Miami back in 2017.

Ultimately, the diner was forced to pay the cheque – however, has vowed to dispute it with his credit card company.

As of yet, Salt Bae has yet to weigh in on the 24 karat scandal.

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