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Most Beautiful Birds on Planet Earth

Birds are amazing creatures and they are adorable Whoever has a pet bird would understand that how much joy they bring in our lives Their singing & chirping would never make us lonely and they are so naughty Love them soo much!, I have gone on nature walks In one of nature walks, I saw the Roseate Spoonbill! It was sitting on a tree The Roseate Spoonbill looks better in real life than it looks on the screen!.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful video The Mandarin Ducks are so underrated They have my vote, I bet that Heaven would be incomplete without these beautiful species of birds, Most beautiful is really a small word to express their beauty Really a wonderful video have ever seen.

I’ve never seen it’s so colorful, beautiful birds in my past life, but I hope one day I can see them in the real world And thanks for your sharing!, Talk about God’s creations: When the Almighty himself created the bird species, he must be putting a lot more effort on these creations than others Look, how beautiful & gorgeous they are! Every intriguing color & every specific detail, so well organized & arranged Incredible Majesty & Grandeur!.

Beautiful creation of God Almighty All praises are due to Him alone Imagine how beautiful He must be! Subhan Allah!, The Nicobar pigeon has come to our house I need to say a word to all the viewers The Nicobar pigeon looks more beautiful in real life than it looks on the screen!, Just so people know, the “Bird of Paradise” segment features at least FOUR different species – all beautiful, by the way! And as others have mentioned, the “Scarlet Macaw” also features the blue & gold and some hybrid forms intermediate between various species Also, the peacocks shown included the white form and an intermediate Still, I loved seeing so many beautiful birds in one video – thank you so much for compiling and sharing this!.

Watching these awesome beauties, so graceful, humans need to take a clue from them and mellow down Money is not an end in itself, we urgently need to save this beautiful planet by not polluting the environment, protect living creatures and stop poaching for selfish ends Animals and birds should be left in their natural habitat, not caged Your video is a feast for the eyes thanks very much.

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