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How Interesting Is It To Have A Cat?

think the cats are the funniest, most cutest, and the most adorable animal in my entire life.

Cats are the most amazing animals I’ve seen and I’m so glad.

Cats are highly independent, unlike dogs who have separation anxiety! For working professional cats makes good pets, for dogs sum1 needs to be there constantly

cat does something wrong or is stuck, I throw my tablet aside and help him for goodness sake. The sound that cats make when they are hurt or stuck is just so so stressful and I can’t believe people actually think that is funny.

I’m a 77Yr old retired farmer. I guess all the years I farmed I didn’t have time for cats although I liked them.

About 5 Yrs ago we adopted a cat then 3 Yrs later my wife brought a kitten home on Christmas Eve day just to watch it for a few days till she could find a home, well it’s still here 2+ years later.

Cats are the most amazing animals I’ve seen and I’m so glad we have Fritz and Mitzi’s.

If you need a pet please adopt a cat and I promise you you will not regret it, God Bless you All.

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