Dog | June 14, 2021 5:09 AM | Hang Bona

Cat Reaction to Cutting Cake

Many of them seem to be trained to react this way, as a clever and entertaining trick, I suspect this, because they do not break eye contact with their owner and are wagging their tails afterwards.

the dogs that closed their crates were trained, so how many cute animal vids are not authentic at all but created through training

What bothers me most about the video is the canned laughter, I’m fed up, Reminds me of India’s memes.

imagine seeing aliens cutting up your best friend with a chainsaw to upload as prank comps on Alien Too or something like that.

Quite frankly, I don’t see anything funny about buying an animal shaped cake and cutting it in front of an animal.
I find that to be mental cruelty.

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