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$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo – Teppanyaki in Japan

I’m so glad Aden Films is here to show me glimpses of places I would probably normally get kicked out of.

Dude be like Hello man I’m gonna cook for you for one hour straight and I won’t say a single word to make the situation as awkward as possible.

I almost cried when he didn’t give him the fat trimmings from the wagyu, then when he fried the rice in the rendered fat I wept tears of joy.

It’s actually reasonably priced for what it is, if you were to get this piece in let’s say at Cut or Mastro’s or some other high caliber steakhouse you’d be looking at mid 400s, I had 10oz Japanese Wagyu that ran me around $500 @ Cut, I’d have one at this price every next day in a week haha.

The lack of loud talking is what really makes this amazing, Just relax and enjoy the beautiful and delicious food.

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