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Omg I tried it I can’t believe it when I have kids I will cook this lovely stick for them ty for cooking for us, I really like this video, btw I’m new to this channel and I honestly want to make this with my mother.

Nik and Hyunee double-dipping made me want to cry, plus Nik licking and sucking his gloves and touching the cheese and other steaks made me want to die, I’m a huge Germaphobe and would’ve flipped.

When hygiene took a piece from Nik he got pissed and then took a piece from hygiene but made it really obvious then he gave her that look, Really mature.

For once Nik isn’t moaning and crying, He really knows how to shut people up, Bruh does a collab with my little sister lmao.

Nick is so dramatic whenever eating food, Even when he’s quiet, he still makes these dumb looks at the food as if he hasn’t eaten in YEARS.

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