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Steak Frites With Béarnaise Sauce | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

I like how all of them had different flaws, The girl had a flaw with her fries, Eric had a flaw with his bearnaise, and the other guy had a flaw with his steak.

I like that master chef Canada’s judges aren’t afraid to compliment them properly and don’t tear their dignity when they do bad.

Chef Michael asks Kaila: what am I gonna see when I cut this open on the inside, Kaila: nice and crisp on the outside.

That guy Eric, received a lot of love when he was a child cause everybody who gets close to him thinks he’s about to cry and start hugging him.

I like how the chef didn’t beat Mike down and complimented that it was a perfect rare, which is how many people like their steaks, Kudos to that chef because that was a good morale booster for the guy.

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