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Kobe Beef in Kyoto – Japan’s best Steakhouse?

Gion Mikaku, founded in 1929: – 2 different cuts of beef: Tajima beef filet mignon and Kobe beef rump steak with just the right amount of marbling (intramuscular fat) and no extra-muscular fat – 400g in total for 2 people.

Steak cutting behind a window in their kitchen, friendly, dedicated service, pleasant view, extra hot griddle for proper searing, right timing, and handling of the steaks: they certainly know what they are doing -, This restaurant meal included garlic rice (between steak and dessert).

My YouTube recommendation have the audacity to show me these type of videos when I’m literally broke, They even rounded the bill down for you, Now that’s hospitality you don’t find in the states.

I’m sitting here watching this while eating my green apple for dinner rethinking my life decisions, Videos like these just make me crave food I’m probably never gonna eat in my entire life.

Finally, a Japanese video where they serve enough steak portions for a single person, All these videos serving 5grams of A5 as if it were some sort of drug.

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