Salt Bae | June 11, 2021 12:52 PM | Hang Bona

Salt Bae Amazing Gold Steak Video 2021

The way he sprinkles his salt is literally how I sprinkle bullshit on a test I didn’t study for, The restaurant’s name (Nusr-ET) is a giant pun since “ET” means “meat” in Turkish, and this guy’s name is Nusr-Et.

Fun fact: he is a Turkish butcher and when you go to his restaurants you need to pay at least 180-200 Turkish liras (almost 60 dollars) for a single person, And I went with my friends there, it was the best food I ate.

I am a person who does not like meat and does not eat when I watch this Nusr-Et, I want to bite the entrecote of a passing veal. By the way, it’s time to hang the flags.

I actually went to his restaurant in Istanbul and he served our drinks before I knew he was Salt Bae.

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