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10 Most Beautiful Birds Of Paradise

So beautiful! I want to see birds like this with my own eyes one day, Pembuatan film yg luar biasa, karena bisa mendapatkan angle terbaik dari setiap moment nya, These paradise birds are most beautiful in the world, we are proud of, and wants continuous watching.

Keep our birds safe, please protect them for our future children and future generations, protect our wildlife fauna, ànd vegetation, say no to mining logging and deforestation, Keep our land safe and protect our land and environment, Our country is unique and so beautiful.

I love your videos, you do a fantastic job, I am in love with these birds! I wanted to ask you if I can create a painting from your profile picture, The bluebird of paradise? Thank you for your time and hard work.

I tried to pick a favorite but so many there all beautiful, Rain Forest some these only seen 2018 wtf BRAZIL Amazon Forest, what have they destroyed by Burning it all them years we’ll never know, They say it’s for farms, etc but we know Poachers, etc, grow drugs deep in jungles clearing land.

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