Salt Bae | June 10, 2021 12:40 PM | Hang Bona

Salt Bae is always serving steak very nicely to ladies

Salt Bae is always serving steak very nicely to ladies.

Lmao, you can tell the entire time she was anticipating him feeding her some people cannot hold it in no matter how public I guess.

As he slides the meat into her throat she thinks to herself “hah, this is like going back to level one for a person of my skill”.

What if suddenly he cuts his finger while looking at the camera. That would have been hilarious, Why am I getting a feeling that the uploader actually meant to say “salt bae serving steaks to the very nice lady”.

I’ve seen quite a few videos with this guy in them, They’re all about him cutting and serving steak & the videos say it’s the best steak around.

I don’t intend to be a Karen but seriously, the way this guy looks in the videos, I’d be very hesitant to eat the steak, the man definitely looks dirty as hell & not remotely Hygenic SMH Just saying.

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