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Wagyu Steak on Sportsman’s Grill

The Sportsman’s grill was first introduced by Birmingham Stove & Range in the 1930s and got later manufactured by Lodge and other cookware companies.

The Steak: the slightly frozen New Zealand grass-fed Wagyu Ribeye Steak receives first low heat to defrost carefully and as finish high heat to create a slight crust, seasoned with salt, pepper, and crispy chili oil: containing chili, Sichuan Pepper, onions, and soybeans.

Somewhere in the woods, this man cooks top-tier wagyu while casually downing not one but TWO glasses from a $1,500 scotch, Legend.

I just watched every single cottage cooking vid bc I love these so much, there really is no other channel like this one, I have looked.

Absolutely wonderful atmosphere, camera, and audio work – a real pleasure and very well done.

Until you start cooking that beautiful steak, My goodness that was one of the worst grilling jobs ever, Unless you wanted a blue steak in which case good luck with that I’m out, Slow and low, and sear in the rear all day ftw.

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