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Wagyu Beef – Caveman Style

Tomahawk Steak of grass-fed, free-roaming Australian Wagyu prepared Caveman Style, The steak is grilled directly on the charcoal.

If the guy wants to enjoy his expensive whiskey with coke all the power to him, Though I do clearly see two glasses with one being the whiskey alone, so fair chance they are two separate drinks and y’all are losing your minds over nothing.

My corduroy, I have recommended to friends to see your videos, I think they are the best, but you are forgetting 2 superior elements, my friend’s dog and the music of the greats, it gives it superiority, as you have been doing.

Cavemen didn’t have video cameras, Or lighters, Or whisky, Or fancy glasses, Or coca-cola, Or beef wrapped in plastic, Or paper towels, And they definitely did not eat their meal with a knife and fork.

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