Eagle | September 6, 2022 3:02 AM | Hang Bona

The end of the eagle Predators of the African skies

I don’t know why, even though tigers are vicious beasts. But when he saw that the eagle’s prey was a Boy Scout, he felt pity and wanted the Mother Tiger to help him. All living beings actually take advantage of the weaker than the animal world!!.

The sound is excellent. It’s nice to listen to. It can make a scary story into a story worth following. Make another clip. The mother bird that flew down also had a rope loop on its legs. or a training bird or birds in conservation areas I hope he can climb to save the baby bird.

It’s really dignified—the young tiger’s mother. The eagle cubs also starved of food. They were extinct at this event. The documentary should go and help the baby bird whose mother died. I understand that it’s natural, but if we know it, we should reach out to help it.

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