Buffalo | September 5, 2022 6:26 AM | Hang Bona

The 10 most angry animals are lion alligator hippopotamus and buffalo

It’s a very good report, thank God in my Dominican Republic we don’t have dangerous animals or dangerous snakes, we take care of humans. Friend, a crocodile is very different from an alligator, jaguars hunt alligators, which are featherweights compared to crocodiles. Calling an alligator a crocodile is the same as calling a domestic cat a lion.

Each chapter belongs to a different action, unites everything and makes a single video from a different chapter or action. But hey, for those who don’t know, believe it. And I say it based on because I am a fan of the animal kingdom and I have seen each of the chapters that appear here.

Lion is no match for elephants and rhinoceroses I always saw that lions avoid rhinos and elephants. It’s because of the poison, not by force, it’s like saying that a child won the fight against an adult by force because he was carrying a gun.

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