Cow | September 3, 2022 5:07 AM | Hang Bona

The cow didn’t have a chance! animal fights caught on camera

Hello guys! this is a rare battle and battles of animals captured on camera are ready! I think most of the moments you definitely have not seen yet. There is a leopard that attacked a cow.

And there is nothing to help her, a hyena, lions, an eagle attacking a heron, incredible donkey attacks, bird fights, ambush attacks, everything you like, and if it had not been filmed on camera, no one would believe.

Those two Kangaroos are adult greys. You should see the red Kangaroos, bigger than these and real fighters found in central Australia. There are some evil people that need to be eradicated. The cat attacking the cow should have been shot and the guy using the camera skinned. Nurture is the main part of nature which means you help.

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