Animals | August 30, 2022 12:15 PM | Hang Bona

Komodo Dragons Prefer to Consume Their Prey Alive

Wow! I didn’t know buffalo would protect other herbivores. That’s so nice. Surprisingly, the Komodo dragon tried to get only the small deer and did not attack the buffalo. These reptiles normally do not care if their prey is small or very large, as they need to inflict only a single bite and wait for the eventual death of the prey from sepsis.

As much as I love these animals, y’all way overdramatized it. Yes they are big, yes they are venomous, yes they are active hunters and opportunists, but they don’t make crocodile noises and they don’t look even remotely look like dinosaurs. They’re honestly kinda mopey. They lumber around sniffing the ground, and when they find an animal they either eat it or walk by it.

I feel someone is giving these beasts their prey to film the brutal act, why on earth will a deer go for a swim in the sea ?. I love Komodo dragons. The live feeding is savage. Everyone must check it out.

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