News | June 9, 2021 2:14 AM | Hang Bona

Baby Elephants love to cuddle

This little young little guy is nuzzling and finding such comfort in his play with the young man, I can not believe anyone would want ever to hurt these very precious animals.

Anyone who is in the company of any person who does not show respect to what creation has put on this earth, should stop disrespecting them and inform proper authorities to protect these animals.

Elephant love hugging, they use their trunk and put at each other mouse as sign as hugging each other, And they have a really great memory, they will remember people who hurt them or take a good care of them. And of course, they have a heart too even animal don’t have a mind like human have.

That elephant is absolutely adorable. You can tell she was having a blast playing with that man. Elephants are so smart and they are one of my all-time favorite animals, I always watch these cute elephant videos and they make me think that the world isn’t all that bad.

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