Animals | July 28, 2022 1:01 AM | Hang Bona

Komodo Dragon Swallows Another Goat on the hill, the latest special video today

It is pretty much enjoyable that I always have watched the Komodo’s dragons in sylvan areas. This looks pretty dry and close to the town. Remembers me where I live in San Carlos Sonora México. Awesome video.

Is someone leaving dead animals out to feed these giant creatures? One day these creatures will grab a person and no one will be safe. As they say, once a creature gets a taste of whatever it becomes a target. All i.ever see on these videos is dead animals laying about and it seems like a buffer for them.

What if that was your wife or son looking out for the goat and the dragon showed up for the meal dragon needs to go. Why can’t human females have a no-gag reflex like that! Impressive? I think so.

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