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15 Times Brave Preys Became Predators

It’s unnatural to hope that prey to become predators but salute all those preys they prove themselves to be brave enough. straight to the point with understanding and looking ahead. an understanding point like as future rolls on, buffalo may gain skills..and lions would have to respect them.

That rat thing fought the hell out of that snake. This video is proof that every living thing will always fight for its life if it’s forced to. Emir Cirley Gonçalves. these are great videos of yours my friend, I’m tired of just seeing predators dominate but there isn’t always a king who doesn’t lose his majesty.

I like the chickens and the cobra that’s what I thought was amazing to actually see how they protect their babies! I didn’t know that they fairly rarely get hurt, that’s pretty impressive on mama chickens’ braveness that other cobra bit the other chicken in the box! WOW wow wow wow OMG I’m going to get a new idea.

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