Animals | July 25, 2022 12:07 PM | Hang Bona

Even vipers are afraid of him! An ordinary hedgehog is a dexterous prickly robber!

In times of famine, the hedgehog, along with his entire family, comes to me and eats my dog’s food on a daily basis! I feed constantly, well done hedgehogs!.

I lived with a padded hedgehog, there was no hind leg, and the second one was broken, I kept it at home but fed it with insects, poultry meat, and cat food. She chewed the same thing on my work sweater, smelled like figs know what, and covered herself with foam. Lived for 7 years.

Hedgehog is our everything! Just like a bear!! Don’t hate them! I love seeing them in my garden! Whole family! So I’m under reliable protection!! Snakes Mazda!.

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