Leopard | July 12, 2022 8:18 AM | Hang Bona

Leopard VS Warthog

Glad you put the whole scene up Rob. It’s not always easy to see and hear what happens in the bush, but this is the bush – beautiful but at times harsh. This leopard allowed those there to witness it and to use their vehicles to hide its movement. Even leopards learn to adapt. Epic stuff.

The warthog seemed to have a good chance to get away at first. Maybe with enough fighting and moving, there was a chance to break free, especially when the leopard’s jaws lost their lock on the throat. But then a bit of tumbling and the warthog was on its back and the leopard got the jaws on the throat, yeah, it was over.

This is very reminiscent of a leopard kill I saw in 2004 in Karongwe. The leopard, called Roelani (Laid Back in Shangaan) was a warthog specialist catching 4 in 5 weeks and I witnessed the last, in similar circumstances and at sundown too, it 20 minutes to subdue and strangle the warthog -don’t forget they have huge heads and thick necks for their size and it takes time even for lions twice or thrice the leopard’s size to strangle one.

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