Animals | July 9, 2022 11:50 PM | Hang Bona

The old lion enjoys the last meal left over from the hyena

The lion, the king of the grasslands, is an animal with superior terrestrial hunting ability thanks to its large, robust body and excellent hunting skills. People often only see strong and brutal in the hunting phase, but few see the last moments of their life.

At least he lived his full life, not many lions get to reach that stage. Normally they either die from a sickness or a serious injury. What a pity. A reminder to all of us as we grow much older, it’s a blessing to have good people around us.

Always sad but part of nature, by the way, a family of lions is not a herd of lions it’s a pride of lions. It’s so hard to see that lion is in such bad shape. I wish they could be taken care of, but the lion would rather be free till the end.

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