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The most frightening parents in the animal world are when predators target newborns

That happens even in the best families, without a doubt, there is not so much difference between humans and living beings excellent video as always. All those videos of wild animals are shocking to see how the newly born animals devour the others, what a cruel life, they have to survive as best they can greetings from Barranquilla-Colombia.

Suddenly I feel like my parents are the best parents ever. You forgot about the cruelest beast that kills its offspring before it is born, they abort it. For me, the strangest behavior is that of the cuckoo So small and innocent, but at the same time very evil. Greetings from the Dominican Republic.

The zebras stand up so when they fall they can breathe, it’s like Narada to children. In this case, the zebra seems to be her first time and the other one is helping to give birth. animals are smart.

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