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The Most Expensive Steaks You Can Order

In a modern era of dining when eaters with refined, worldly palates expect more from their cuts of meat, upscale steakhouses have become increasingly opulent in their quest to present the perfect cut.

We took a look at menus around the globe and found a number of places where your evening’s steak will cost you somewhere between a car payment and a mortgage payment.

Don Wagyu in New York Opened in 2018 in Manhattan’s Financial District, Don Wagyu built marbled, buttery wagyu beef into its name.

There’s a lot of domestic and Miyazaki wagyu to choose from, but this rare Ozaki is aged 36 months and comes from a single farm.

Even better, it’s served five ounces at a time in the sandwich form on “pain de mie” (soft white bread) with house-made garlic-ginger and cooked with sake, rice wine, tamari soy, and black vinegar.

It’s served in a souvenir wooden box and comes with a pickle and fries sprinkled with seasoned salt and nori seaweed.

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