Zebra | March 25, 2022 2:21 AM | Hang Bona

Zebra kills leopard with a kick

I think it’s kind of impossible, Zebra doesn’t have the strength of a horse to kill a feline. The zebra is really powerful, I didn’t know it was such a dangerous kick animal. On the contrary, my friend, the zebra has more strength than a horse!.

The zebras are right to kick, now it would be nice if you found a predator for the crocodiles. The chance of a feline losing to the zebra is slim. One of the two strongest kicks in the world is that of the zebra and the giraffes.

To see how she’s not a fearful animal, she really defends herself, okay, it’s okay to let the other kill, she has more is that she attacks these naughty lions lol. Zebras are beautiful because of their white and black striped colors.

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