Snake | March 6, 2022 1:57 AM | Hang Bona

A Rock Python Suffocating A Female Impala to Death

I shot this clip in “Tarangire National Park” Tanzania by my iPhone, it was quite thrilling, the Male Impala was snorting non-stop in an alert calls while looking in one direction, so we drove there and found this amazing sighting, this Rock Python caught this female Impala and was suffocating it to death.

Like most snakes, pythons don’t chase after their prey. Instead, they are ambush hunters. They use their heat sensors, sight, and smell to locate prey. They kill by constriction, grasping a victim with their sharp teeth, they use the momentum of their strike to throw coils around their victim’s body coiling their bodies around the animal, and squeezing until it suffocates.

Every time the prey exhales the snake squeezes a little more tightly, Soon, the victim can breathe no more. They have stretchy ligaments in their jaws that allow them to swallow all their food whole usually head first.

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