Lion | February 14, 2022 12:20 PM | Hang Bona

Amazing lion ambushes zebra

What trips me out about videos being like this is the vehicles and cameramen. Those that just have to get out of the vehicle to get a closer look or better shot, Then BAM you’re locked out of the vehicle surrounded by lions.

Damn that snapshot of that lioness when she grabbed onto the zebras just showed how powerfully built these cats are to easily take down animals bigger than they are. It’s probably just me but seeing vehicles in their natural habitat seems a bit invasive.

Single lioness with a whole zebra would have shown clearly the details of the feeding process. Waste of stock footage, When lions hunt zebras how come they always start feasting from the ass or the crotch?. I want to give all lions a prize, They eat their prey when it is dead, The other predators don’t wait so long, So the prey had a long and cruel death.

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