Snake | February 13, 2022 2:48 PM | Hang Bona

This video will surprise you, for the first time this snake swallowed that snake alive

Amazing!, Today your video seems like a discovery channel, The snake swallowed the snake equal to itself till today I had only heard about this king cobra, Today for the first time I saw that a krait can also do this.

Please leave the snake for some time if the snake is digesting his food. Because if you rescue the snake which is digesting so the snake will be vomit out the food and snake will again hungry and come in the angry mood and irritate and we should have not irritated an animal.

All those who are commenting here saying it’s not Krait. Let me tell you this is indeed a Krait snake but not a common Krait with white bands we generally see. This is a different species called Bungarus Lividus also called lesser black Krait which is usually not completely black in color and doesn’t have white bands.

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