Tiger | February 11, 2022 12:18 PM | Hang Bona

Crazy leopards attack caused the man to almost lose his life

Leopard is an excellent hunter and has good hunting skills. Until now I don’t understand the human being why provokes wild animals I felt sorry for the puppy.

Various kinds of animals are found here, leopards, Antelopes, monkeys, Pigs, and lions but the Chief here is Cheetahs. Thank you very much, Sir, for producing these beautiful Videos for the world to know and continue to produce more Videos.

I don’t care if the animals kill the people taking pictures while watching the cruel demise of an animal. Snickering and photographing. More interested to have a video to show than make an attempt to save this dog, and why was this dog out there in the first place. Did they put the dog there? It didn’t appear to be a wild dog. Wild dogs run together.

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