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10 Types Of Steak Every Cook Should Know

Steaks come in all different cuts and sizes, They can range in tenderness, marbling, and price range, with each cut somehow managing to have its own distinct flavor and qualities.

Some are better prepared on the grill while others thrive on the stovetop, but when cooked properly, each cut has something delicious to offer, Here, a guide to 10 popular cuts.

1 Ribeye: Our all-time favorite cut, Ribeyes come from the center of the rib section and usually have the most marbling (aka fat aka flavor), It’s tender and juicy and can be sold either boneless or bone-in.

The ribeye is usually thicker, making it tough to overcook, They always look beautiful when being served and have a ton of flavor, so they really only require salt and pepper; no marinade necessary, Ribeyes are great on the grill or cooked on the stovetop.

2 Filet Mignon: One of the most delicate, tender cuts you can prepare, Filet mignon is cut from the very tip of the tenderloin, which makes this steak extremely tender.

Eating a filet mignon is like eating butter—the flavor is exceptional—which is why it comes with a hefty price tag, Filet mignon doesn’t do great on the grill, We recommend the broiler or the stovetop, or a combo of both.

3 Hanger Steak: This cut comes from the belly section and literally hangs (hence the name) from the diaphragm between the ribs and the loin, It’s an underrated cut: It’s not too expensive, but still has lots of flavors.

Think of it as a more tender version of a skirt or flank steak, Hanger steaks will benefit from a marinade to boost their flavor and help them tenderize, They’re best grilled quickly over high heat to keep from getting too tough.

4 Flank Steak: My personal favorite, this steak comes as one large flat piece, making it great for sharing family-style, Cut from the back portion of the abdominal muscles, it’s a tougher cut, but when prepared correctly can still be incredibly tender.

This cut is great for pairing with bold sauces, like chimichurri, Flank steak should be marinated for more flavor and is best when grilled over high heat, We recommend serving it medium-rare.

5 Skirt Steak: Similar to the flank steak, this cut also comes from the abdominal muscles, It’s less tender than flank but similar in flavor.

Often used in tacos or fajitas, skirt steaks benefit from a marinade much like flank and hanger steaks and cook well over the grill or in quick stir-fry recipes.

6 New York Strip: Your classic, can-never-go-wrong cut, From the top part of the short loin, just behind the ribs, this cut is almost always sold bonelessly and has a solid ratio of marbling.

It’s so tender and flavorful that it doesn’t need a marinade, It’s typically an expensive cut, but slightly cheaper than a ribeye, NY strips cook well on the grill, on the stove, or in the oven.

7 Porterhouse: Also, know as the T-bone, this is an epic—and huge!—cut of steak well-loved for having the meaty strip and soft, buttery tenderloin.

It’s comprised of both the NY strip and the tenderloin and has a solid amount of filet mignon, Porterhouses are typically cooked under the broiler or using a combo of the stovetop and oven.

8 Flat Iron: You can also find this steak sold as butler’s steak or oyster blade, It’s a super affordable cut that’s surprisingly tender and flavorful for its budget price point.

The flat iron is cut from the chuck section or the shoulder and is a slightly newer cut of steak, Flat iron steaks are great grilled, While a marinade isn’t totally necessary, we recommend one.

9 Sirloin: Possibly our most used cut here at Delish, Unsurprisingly, it’s cut from the sirloin section and is another affordable cut of steak.

The sirloin is nicely tender—if not cooked past medium, After that, this cut tends to get tough, Sirloins can be grilled or seared for quick stir-fries, like this beef and broccoli.

10 Trip Tip: Also known as the California cut, tri trip is our Bay Area-native co-workers’ obsession, It’s a triangular piece of meat that comes from the bottom of the sirloin.

It has excellent flavor and marbling and is tender and inexpensive, What’s not to love? It’s a large roast and great for sharing, A marinade is recommended for tri-tip, but this cut does well on the grill or in the oven.


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