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15 best animal friendships in the world

All of them are so sweet. It’s like when you meet your best friend for the first time and get to hang out all day, I love these kinds of videos. Animals show how emotional and sensitive and also intelligent they are. Not so much different than us.

All these animals are so beautiful, I love the fox and the cat relationship, Really surprising, These animal relationships are examples for us humans. While I love the concept of this video, I couldn’t help but notice that in several of the instances, Like the Fox in the cat, and the dog and the wild boar, every shot had a different dog a different cat in a different boar.

I really enjoyed this program, It shows the stark contrast between animals and most humans, Contrary to the popular opinion of the majority of humans, animals have an enormous amount of compassion towards their own and often towards other species.

They can and often do show tremendous amounts of understanding, care, and love. What a shame that the majority would of humanity while claiming to be the more sophisticated and intelligent of all species cannot be seen to portray those feelings to animals and others who are different. A world without animals is a travesty, These animals in this video prove that animals are far better than humans.

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