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Goshawk tries to kill a rabbit

For centuries Goshawk’s have been used for Hunting live prey such as Rabbits, with its extraordinary agility, speed, and sharp eyesight this Bird of Prey is the best Hunting Bird. This video features one of the most Dramatic hunting moments in nature, enjoy yourself.

No one who dies, not even the very sad animals serves as food for others. But he was a warrior fought to the end 10 for the Rabbit 0 for the Hawk. Wow! That is some great footage! I would like to have seen if the hawk was able to hold on to the rabbit. Rabbits kick like crazy and are obviously not easy to hold onto.

That was one of the most amazing rabbit chases I’ve ever seen. Sorry for the bun but he fought to the very end! The hawk just had more stamina. That was really fantastic, Thank you for making this video available, thanks for your efforts of making it watchable using slow motion, Really appreciated.

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