Animals | February 1, 2022 5:29 PM | Hang Bona

Big Mistake When Python Swallows Baby Leopard, Attack Python

This is so disgusting! Someone was throwing food on purpose to the water so the boar will be easy prey to the crocodile what for? to get a good shot?. I would just like to see the person who was throwing that bait to get the hog into the water so that the Alligator can kill it.

Who were the idiots who were throwing bread or whatever at the boars, So that they would be attacked by the crocodile? That’s not fair, let nature have its way. I can see that they have no conscience or love for these little animals.

This is how most youtube animals channels work putting a big title that does not match the content, collecting old videos that have 0 resolution, Adding horrible music, and here you go you have a nice clickbait to get some views, and earn 10$ a month.

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