Snake | February 1, 2022 12:42 PM | Hang Bona

You will also be surprised to see what happened in the temple of the house, tremendous rescue

How people have preserved their identity, religious views. It is simply amazing. Respect for India. And I bow to Mr. Mirza, Highly respect this man to have the dignity to other religions. Hat’s off to you sir.

You are doing a good job. Don’t talk too much about religious beliefs. Sometimes it could be more dangerous than a snake rescue. Awesome video! Kobra saved! Thank you for saving both snakes & people living there! God bless you always Mr. Mirza! Beautiful snake & I know it is very deadly! Venom all over the world is used in making meds! Peace out!.

Sir, I live in Bhubaneswar I want to take snake rescue training where is their such facility then tell me. Snake cowboy. You stay very busy. What is the most dangerous? You catch. Is Russell viper. More dangerous. Than cobra?.

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