Animals | January 21, 2022 9:07 AM | Hang Bona

Damn nature you scary – funny scary animal encounters

Lions, bulls, and bears, Oh yes! we’ve got some of the wildest animals and people’s reactions online and compiled them all for your viewing pleasure from a safe digital distance, Don’t feed the wildlife, Big or small, The only thing scarier than running into a bear is running into a momma bear with cubs, They are viciously protective of them and can snap over nothing at all.

I really loved watching that one guy back away then take a step towards the child then rethinks it and run back away leaving the child as a black mamba or whatever that huge snake was slithered in.

Good thing the other guy was brave enough to save the child and shut the doors by himself to keep the snake out, That first guy was such a coward, That snake charging at its full speed is terrifying, Especially how it was still trying to attack through the glass, Completely unprovoked.

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