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60 Times animals rescue other animals

We often see videos all over TV and the internet of animals being dope and doing funny things. But sometimes they’re surprisingly wholesome and help each other too! could a dog save another dog with a stick?. Could a Chimp feed fish? How a Dog saves a cat from drowning?. Could a bird really have let a rodent ride on its back?.

Need longer versions of these clips so we can see the whole story because some of them didn’t seem like they fit the narrative. Animals are intelligent some more than people!.

You could well have shown the long versions of these stories, there would have been interesting enough. The little deer one was taken by a male but the female stopped another baby from a male eating It. Unfortunately, the male got it again.

What I would like to know is who is shooting video of your cat drowning in a pool, Need the help, but had to really on a passing dog to save them?. The bird is very cute and fat but the cat dint mind eating the bird he decides to pet the bird.

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