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Monosex Tilapia growth and production

Monosex tilapia has great demand and value in the local and international market. As a result, The Monosex tilapia farming rate is growing day by day. There are some other important reasons for gradually increasing Monosex tilapia farming.

Generally, They have a high ability to take natural feed from pond good interest in supplementary feed, surviving capacity in adverse weather, and have high diseases resistance power. Along with this, The demand for this fish in the international market is increasing day by day. Tilapia fish can survive in 13 degrees to 42-degree centigrade temperature and grow well in 17 degrees to 36 degrees temperature.

You can produce Monosex tilapia in your pond twice a year. The main problem of tilapia fish farming is it’s unconditioned propagate. As a result, We can see different aged and sized tilapia fish in the pond and we cannot get the desired product. Naturally, male tilapia grows rapidly than females. Separating the male tilapia and raising them separately is called Monossex tilapia fish farming.

These types of fish grow faster and are well adapted to supplementary feed. You can raise them in high density and they never make holes in the pond for breeding. Commercial Monosex tilapia farming is a very profitable business. I am describing the methods of Monosex tilapia farming below.

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