Monkey | January 15, 2022 1:41 PM | Hang Bona

BiBi obedient help dad take care of ducklings and garden

I was terribly frightened for the duckling, I thought that she had him for the broth, It turned out for weeding the beds and then for kisses! I recognize our beloved kind girl!. Yes, BiBi is getting quite strong and she’s actually doing some good shoveling instead of just playing.

How nice it is to start the day seeing my dear BiBi on her beautiful little farm taking care of her friends drinking water from her well, so affectionate, my pretty girl. Skill grows with each new video! How much fantasy, interesting stories! Well done! BiBi is just a superstar!.

BiBi, my miracle! How funny the duckling kisses, Funny girl, How I want to hug and kiss you. Love the video very much. BiBi takes good care of ducklings, Love my angel BiBi.

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