Crocodile | January 13, 2022 3:00 PM | Hang Bona

In Australia, A python swallows a crocodile whole

Meanwhile, the everlasting war between snake and crocodile rages on in Australia. An olive python (Liasis Olivaceus) devours an Australian freshwater crocodile in these incredible photographs (Crocodylus Johnstoni).

After being posted on social media, the images were an instant hit, They’re courtesy of GG Wildlife Rescue Inc, an Australian non-profit that posted them on Facebook on May 31. Martin Muller captured these images while kayaking near Mt, Isa in Queensland, Australia.

After swallowing the croc whole, the snake must have been extremely satisfied. The python in the end because its body couldn’t digest the croc/alligator’s body. I saw this as a kid, and all I can say is keep that shit away from them.

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