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The black cobra in home, Such dangerous black moon snakes are born in thousands of years, you will be shocked to hear its scary sound

Mr. Mirza hope you get well distance yourself from others praying for you from the USA God bless you mirza boi. The rescue of the monocle cobra is amazing. Thanks a lot for a good job.

Monocled Cobra rescue! Their dark color is beautiful! Awesome video! It tries to hide its head in the corner of the wall! God bless you & Peace out! I have seen many snake catchers/rescuers but Mirza my boy you are amazing. You are doing wonderful. Respect from Pakistan.

Mr. Mirza hope you get well soon! You are super awesome to even keep working when not well! You are most awesome! God bless & keep you well & safe always! Peace out!.

Snakes should not be spared leaving it free means giving them another chance to kill. I don’t believe in snake rescue. It should be treated as a silent enemy. You may give it another chance to live but it won’t.

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