Snake | January 13, 2022 1:53 AM | Hang Bona

King Cobra and Black Mamba

I believe a cobra wins every time but if I was in the wild and had to choose which one I would face it would be the cobra. Mambas will kill you easier than a cobra. May the grace of God be upon my Azerbaijani brothers from Turkey, Assalam Aleykum my brothers and sisters.

Thank you for the very informative, interesting video. I’m very happy that we don’t have any of these snakes in Switzerland. Except in terrariums, perhaps. Thank you for your useful information for us in Indonesia. Keep spreading the good knowledge. May Allah have mercy on you. Turkey is a nation we respect.

Eish, black mamba in South Africa they are in 2 colors green or black the green is too dangerous because is invincible during rain seasons when everything is green and it loves both trees and grass depending on the session.

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