Snake | January 12, 2022 3:32 AM | Hang Bona

These snakes can swallow goats in one go

Cut the pork and make a scabbard, Put a lot of couture powder and tie it with a thread, then throw it to a place where snakes can eat it so that it smells delicious, Couture, rat poison, Let them kill you with cyanide, cut down a lot of trees.

The aarti video was very good johnny and stone Assam biggest were very good, The majority of people are here just bcoz of thumbnail am I right guys?, We have seen 30 feet anaconda sir but there someone is going out of fear but if you want to see it live then you have to come to Allah baba.

I could not live in areas where snakes grow so huge let alone have children, Sir if you will make us unconscious already then the angle seen.

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