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Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Combat

Wow! This is fantastic! I’m amazed you were able to get this on film. It’s something you should send to National Geographic.

What an incredible movie and experience. Thank you for sharing and for being so gentle with the snakes, Many Texans could learn a lot from you about rattlesnakes. During mating season, Rattlesnakes are known to battle for dominance, And the sight is sometimes described as a “Fighting Dance”.

I saw these hiking the other day and went online to see what they were up to, Evidently, they’re two males trying to see who can get the lady snake this mating season by being the biggest and strongest.

They’re fighting, and it appears to be a greeting ceremony in which they strive to outdo each other in order to mate with surrounding females. Rattlesnakes are surprisingly sociable creatures.

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