Eagle | January 10, 2022 11:14 AM | Hang Bona

Unbelievable! eagle died tragically when trying to hunt the most venomous snake

I thought dinosaurs were no more, but as long as there are still click baits, then I need to recheck my knowledge. This is a bird that hunts snakes with her long and sharp mouth fronts, not an eagle who hunts from the air and use its iron claws to choke any prey.

It’s a shrike going for the tail-lure of the Asian (Iranian) Spider-Tailed Viper, Birds and Mammals are so much faster than even the fastest snakes. The worst thing a viper or elapid can do is let the hawk or mongoose know where it is, Roadrunners live on rattlesnakes, Good videos, Though, Look up the Iranian Spider-Tailed Viper, Scary!.

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