Lion | January 10, 2022 4:04 AM | Hang Bona

The Giraffe VS Lion Moments

The animals have unique needles even though they are much slower than their prey, like where I work usually komodo dragons attack their prey by camouflaging and ambushing from behind.

I like how the giraffes look unbothered even when they’re facing death, The first giraffe looked depressed like fuck it, I didn’t want to be here anyway.

Can a lion jump high enough to sink their claws into any giraffe body parts higher than giraffe legs? On a giraffe, body parts higher than the legs might be easy to sink claws into and climb on with claws.

By that, I mean that the surface of the skin is far away enough from the bones, but it might be different with the legs.

At least, a lion might not be able to get their claws deep enough into giraffe bones quickly enough if the giraffe shook themselves and the lion too quickly for that.

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