Snake | January 9, 2022 8:54 AM | Hang Bona

Residents dismantle a python’s nest as big as an electric pole that preyed on middle school kids! 8 meters in length

May the citizens are safe and awake from the catastrophe of the big snake, Beware, my brothers, Be careful where the animals are crawling, it’s dangerous and your life might be lost, Thank God there is a snake charmer.

Great bro, The Palembang Adventurer Week Sumeks is here, I hope you are always healthy and successful, Likewise, other friends, I wish you good health and success.

It should just be killed if a snake of that size is very dangerous, don’t let the snake get bigger it will become an unexpected disaster, Thanks to the snake charmer, Hopefully, wherever there is a big snake, it must be killed right, Because it’s dangerous for all of us.

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